Message From Mother Mary

Mother Mary (Maryam) is one of my Guides and Messengers.

My son is the child of the Divine just as you are.

His father was my beloved husband, Joseph, a wise and humble carpenter of great integrity.

I was a Prophetess and my son, Joshua, was born with my gift as a Jewish prophet. He was also a rabbi with a Vision guided by the Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit). He wanted his faith, his culture and the society he lived in to be equitable and progressive, but he never wanted to change who he was. He identified as a Jew, culturally and religiously, from birth to death.

He was a Jewish Mystic who believed in raising our state of consciousness, more than religious rules and dogma. He believed in the “Kingdom within” as the key to our salvation.

He came to deliver the Message that the secret to Salvation was internal (inside ourselves), not external. He came to show you your potential and teach you how to save yourselves.

He spoke to multitudes, but designed his teachings to speak to people individually at different levels of consciousness.

He wanted people to have faith in their power as Co-Creators.

He was not a nationalist, he was an inclusionist.

Joseph, Joshua and I were refugees and immigrants.

Fearing the wrath of King Herod on the return to our homeland in Judea, my husband and I fled with our infant son to Egypt. We survived persecution by fleeing to another land. We had to leave our family, our possessions and our culture behind. My husband, Joseph, had to leave his work as a carpenter and find work in a foreign land.

My son embraced diversity. His city of birth was in the Middle Eastern region of the Asian continent. We had skin of bronze and are of Middle-Eastern descent.

My son’s defining message in the four Gospels was: helping the poor; healing the sick; clothe the naked; feed the hungry; uplift the downtrodden; care for the children; distribute wealth; be mindful of the immigrant and stranger in your land.

Due to his upbringing, he respected women as equals and valued their independent personage as human beings.

He was a radical progressive, a dreamer, a revolutionary and a rebel who fought for the poor, the bullied, the shunned and the displaced people of his time.

He would be labeled a “socialist,” a “left-wing extremist” and a “bleeding heart liberal” today.

He was a Liberal and Social Justice Advocate by all your definitions of those words.

His values are eternal and his message remains the same:

“Do not honor me with your lips, when your hearts are far from me.”

Mother Mary

Fallen Leaves

Brittle, autumn leaves
Remind me of human hearts
So easily crushed

Chaiku / MW

A sacred space, a place to be, 
An escape from the summer heat
Our souls sit among the clouds
As leaves of orange, red and gold
Drift down from branches
That will soon be as stark
As winter’s sleep
Brightly they sparkle in the sunlight
As we call upon the elements
To grant us a season of wholeness
After a year of broken things

In their dreams they sleep with the moon
Recalling when they were once green
Lifeless they fall
Returning to the earth
Decaying to nurture their mother tree
Instead of wishing upon a star today
I will wish upon a leaf

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs / MW 🙏

For OLN live edition at dVerse and our host, Bjorn. I’m using Merril’s prosery prompt line from a Mary Oliver poem “In their dreams they sleep with the moon.”

The Season of Turning

All Beings of the world
I am the Great Mother and the Great Father
Grandfather Sky and Grandmother Earth
Balancing the thin line between the sacred and the profane
The world has no borders
All such separations are delusions
Invoked by false prophets
Bringing the Chaos
Of the Underworld to
The surface of the earth

Your Garden, your Shangri-la, your Nirvana
Has been trampled by wicked men
Casting salt upon all wounds
Turning the fertile soil
Into cracked and barren dirt
The real prophets are beaten and broken
Bleeding into the abyss

Be the Evolution they cry
Be the Evolution!!
Now is the season of Turning
The season of Reclaiming
What is Yours

Sacred Soulsongs — Yom Kippur 2020
For dVerse and our host, Msjadli – writing in the vatic voice.

Waiting For God

I bow and bend at the knee
To an invisible GOD
An absentee GOD
Who may or may not
Be listening
I bow and bend at the knee
Waiting for the GOD
Who will ease my suffering
While emptiness fills the air
Making it hard to breath

I bow and bend at the knee
Praying to the GOD
Who was only an echo
Of words recited so dutifully
I bow and bend at the knee
Into the absence of oxygen
While the eternal silence
Taunts me

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs // MW 🙏

I AM: The Voice of Divinity

Fragile Paradise: Self-Portrait

My heart is a fragile paradise
With a gate that is easily broken
My soul is a wisp of mystical mist
Hovering over rain puddles
My spirit is a Blue Moon Wisteria
Climbing the trellis to Elysium

I am a raven woman
Balancing the veil between worlds
Hovering in that liminal space
Where the Wheel of the Year
Is turning towards winter
I stand at the window at night
Listening to the otherworld whisper

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs // MW 🙏

A “Self-Portrait” poem For dVerse and our host Sarah.

Shiny Gold Coins and Gossamer Melodies

I am frequently privy
To colorful conversations
On snippets of luminance
Dripping down
From the stars

I am alone, but the room is spirited!
Nothingness speaks to me
In gossamer melodies
And speechless symbols
Jangling like shiny gold coins
In pockets of brilliance

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs / MW 🙏

For Quadrille day at dVerse “Eavesdropping” with our host, Kim.


“You can call God Moonshadow if you want to,”
Moonshadow is the name of her cat

Earlier she saw God in the sprinklers
Swishing back and forth
Watering the anarchy
That she called her garden

Every rock and wild tangle of heresy
Holds a meaning so colossal
It can never be fully grasped

“You can call God Moonshadow
She says again
“Namasté Moonshadow,” I say
To the cat perched atop the armoire
Eyeing us from afar
With an infinite air of grace
Something soft and feathery
Brushes against my cheek…
A kiss,
A whisper,
An impossible dream,
The flutter of a dragonfly wing,
The sweet release
Of bated breath

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs / MW 🙏

For OLN at dVerse and our host, Grace.

The Artist

The canvas speaks volumes
Opening pathways to the sky
Where everything is possible
A palette of colors
And the tip of a paintbrush
Ardently embraces every wonder…
From the morning sunrise
To the peaks of the mountains
To the flower that blooms
To the lightening that flashes
To the eyes that reveal
The true heartbeat
Of the soul…
Accepting, appreciating
There is no passion
Like the raw passion
Of an artist who loves you

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs / MW 🙏

For dVerse and our host, Sanaa Rizvi. Sanaa’s prompt is our personal take on an erotic poem. The artist passionately accepts and appreciates the model — imperfections and all. ❤️

A slight revision of the lines:
A palette of colors
And the tip of a paintbrush
Breaths ardor into every wonder

Ardently embraces every wonder…

A Gaggle of Emotions

For dVerse and our host, Bjorn. Our creative challenge is to “verb nouns.” Cheers to verbing nouns. Hope I’ve verbed my nouns properly. 😊

An aerie of eagles flew by on a wing and a prayer…
I heard them muttering about the ascension of larks.
Even the sky seems lonely and somber, remembering better days,
when the sun confidenced with a brazen grin.
Memories are clouding in the sky
trying to shape the recall of dreams.
Even the rivering seems too stoic, as it streams past.
Ghostly haunts drift by now and again, stopping to say hello.
My mind plays tricks on me, as the emotions float through,
wondering if things will never be the same again.
I think a bevy of swans,
A book of wagers,
A caste of flower pots,
An array of hedgehogs,
Or even an argument of wizards,
Would lift my spirits right about now.

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs / MW 🙏

Like Confetti

I scrunch up my eyes
behind my mask
so that a smile squeezes through
to counteract the pain
my heart is a broken clock
time is meaningless now
i have nothing left in me
but love that flutters like confetti
thrown on a windy day

how much will be lost
to the vastness?
how much will be gained?
when all is said and done
will anyone know me?
will anyone remember my name?

we are golden dandelions of hope
turning into puffy globes
of exposed seeds
traveling over long distances
holding onto wishes
thoughts and dreams

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs / MW🙏

For dVerse and our host Linda 💖

Ethical Life Agreements: Beyond the Big Ten

We’re all familiar with the “Ten Commandments,” so I thought it would be interesting to explore lesser known life agreements.

Ten Commandments of Solon, 638 BCE –558 BCE

(Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers, 1.60)

  1. Trust good character more than promises.
  2. Do not speak falsely.
  3. Do good things.
  4. Do not be hasty in making friends, but do not abandon them once made.
  5. Learn to obey before you command.
  6. When giving advice, do not recommend what is most pleasing, but what is most useful.
  7. Make reason your supreme commander.
  8. Do not associate with people who do bad things.
  9. Honor the gods.
  10. Have regard for your parents.

Native American Ten Commandments

Via: First People US

Version Two

  1. Treat the earth an all that dwell theron with respect
  2. Remain close to the Great Spirit
  3. Show great respect for your fellow beings
  4. Work together for the benefit of all humankind
  5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed
  6. Do what you know to be right
  7. Look after the well-being of mind and body
  8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good
  9. Be truthful and honest at all times
  10. Take full responsibility for your action

Version One

  1. The Earth is our Mother; care for Her.
  2. Honor all your relations.
  3. Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit.
  4. All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect.
  5. Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more.
  6. Do what needs to be done for the good of all.
  7. Give constant thanks to the Great Spirit for each day.
  8. Speak the truth but only for the good in others.
  9. Follow the rythms of Nature.
  10. Enjoy life’s journey; but leave no tracks.

Nine Goddess Ethics

By Carol P. Christ

  1. Nurture life.
  2. Walk in love and beauty.
  3. Trust the knowledge that comes through the body.
  4. Speak the truth about conflict, pain, and suffering.
  5. Take only what you need.
  6. Think about the consequences of your actions for seven generations.
  7. Approach the taking of life with great restraint.
  8. Practice great generosity.
  9. Repair the web.


  1. TRUTH

Blind faith has no place in Asatru. No pie-in-the-sky; we must act in this world as we see it and as it really is rather than calmly wait for the next


We must be true to what we are, and we insist on acting with nobility rather than baseness. Our standards must be banners held high in our hearts.


We stand true to our faith and our values. Loyalty is the basis for all enduring human activity, and we hold it in the highest esteem.


The isolation and loneliness of modern life is not necessary. The willingness to share what one has with ones’ fellows, especially travelers, is a vital part of our way of life.


We hold to the discipline necessary to fulfill our purpose. We stand willing to exercise the self-control and steadfastness necessary in these difficult times.


Let us dare to be all that we can be! Let us take risks and taste the richness of life. Passivity is for sheep. We refuse to be mere spectators in life.


We depend on our own strength and character to achieve our goals. We seek only the freedom necessary to our quest, whatever it may be.


We hold to our path until its completion and are not ashamed to be strong. The cult of the anti-hero will find no support in us, and the gods we follow are not for the weak.

Cattle die, kinsmen die,
one day you yourself must die.
I know one thing that never dies:
the dead man’s reputation.

The Five Precepts of Buddhism:

  1. Do not harm other beings.
  2. Do not take what is not offered.
  3. Do not engage in false or hurtful speech.
  4. Do not misuse sex or engage in sexual abuse and exploitation.
  5. Do not consume stupefying drink or other intoxicants, which cloud one’s mind, lead to addiction, and impair one’s judgment.

Which one resonates the most with you?

Sacred SoulSongs / MW 2020 🙏

Saviors: Message From Spirit

Art: Shining Heart-Soulful Products

Beloved One, 

The Voice of the Divine has never left you. 

You have felt disheartened and confused when other people tried to define the Voice of the Divine for you and force their definition upon you. 

You must find your own pathway to Divinity and the Messages that speak to you like the whisper of a thousand souls. 

You too can be a Prophet, a Mystic and an Enlightened Being, absorbing the Messages through all of your senses and all the visions of Wholeness coursing through your veins. 

As you travel your own path, you will discover the Messages that are meant for you. Your Teachers will arrive in many forms. Some human and some animal. Some corporeal and some ethereal.

The Divine Messages will come to you through the Four dimensions: Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit; the four directions; the four seasons; the four elements; the four stages of life; the four key points of a day.

Living Words will enter your being and empower you with increasingly greater degrees of Clarity.

You are Alive and Vibrant with Divinity.

Your Savior-Self is yearning to connect to all the other Saviors walking the earth. There is not just One. There are Many. They are wealthy and poor. They are house and unhoused. They are agnostic, atheist or a person of any faith.

The One means the Oneness of Many. Your Savior-Self will Rejoice in this Knowledge and All will become Evident to you. 

Release your Struggle. Open your eyes. Let me hold you. Let me lavish you. Feel my Breath unite with yours. Let me whisper your true name into your ears.

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs / MW / Message From Spirit

Four is a sacred number on the Medicine Wheel and in Kabbalah, which describes the Universe as a matrix of The Four Worlds.

Love is all…MW 🙏

The Paper Boat

I was a tree,
A page ripped out of a phone book
An old, discarded recipe
Now I’m a paper boat
Floating in bath tubs,
Lakes and ponds and streams

I was a sports page,
A comic strip,
A loveless letter,
A page torn from a glossy magazine
Now I’m a paper boat
Trying to dodge ducks and swans
As the ripples tousle me

I was a piece of graph paper,
A discarded encyclopedia
An abandoned note to self
Now I’m a paper boat
Surrounded by chattering water lilies
Riding a wave into the sunset
Living my paper boat life 
To the hilt

Water-logged and soggy
I’m washed up onto the shore
By paper boat memories
I’m happy
To become One  
With Mother Earth
Once more

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs

For dVerse and our host SarahSouthwest — our inspiration is “boats.”

I’m sailing in on the very tail end of this prompt.

Beloved Ones: Message From Spirit

Much of humankind is trembling, some are frozen in conspiracies of fear.

Other souls are experiencing rapidly ascending consciousness, jarring them into the true meaning of being fully present and awake.

Some souls can clearly see the path in front of them, others have veered off and lost their way.

I call upon all the Medicine People to help harness the Divine Power.

From this pinnacle of world regression, there will arise an in-gathering of souls working to create a new vision from the shattered mirror.

This moment in time holds the unlimited potential for a chorus of voices to rise up in one song and evoke one of the greatest healing eras known to the physical world.

Blessings from the Divine FeminineMystical Mother of Peace

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs / MW / Message From Spirit 🙏

The Divine Mother is non-sectarian and pluralistic. She exists under different names in all belief systems and faiths.