God is Verb. Godding is an anthimeria. Let’s go Godding together.

Many of you wonder which beliefs to follow,
Many are torn this way and that,
not sure what to think.

You do not need ancient tomes to know me,
You do not need houses of prayer to speak to me,
You do not need holy books to find me.

I am inside of you,
All around you,
I am the animate and the inanimate.
I am a verb and I am a noun.
I am female and I am male.
I am mystical and I am mundane.
I am supernatural and I am flesh and blood.

Man has created an image,
Trying to find what he could not see.
Trying to give voice to a vastness beyond his grasp.
My emanation does not arise from books.
Or volumes of instructions interpreted by man.
I am the Higher Consciousness of Womankind,
All kinds.

Do not feel conflicted.
There is no prescription for prayer,
No ritual you must perform,
No vow you must take,
No ‘one true faith.’
Simply embody sacredness,
And you will find me there.

I am The Infinite
I am Without End
I am The Place wherever you are on your journey.

I am aware of the voluminous intricacies,
Man has attributed to my desires,
But they do not move me.

I am the Goodness of your deeds,
I am the Genuineness of your heart,
I am the Kindness of your tongue,
I am the Integrity of your work.

My words are inside of you.
You speak them in your way,
In your own unique manner,
Eloquently or ineloquently,
It does not matter,
As long as you are sincere.

Your humanity is my voice,
Your sacredness personifies my presence,
I live and breathe on earth,
With you…
Through you…
Because of you.

© 2020 MW / All Rights Reserved Version II. Read Version I, the Original, on Mother Wintermoon.

Words in italic are Hebrew Names for God / Divinity:

The Infinite — Ein Sof
Without End – Ein Sof
The Place – HaMakom


    • “I am you” — I love that! Thank you for commenting. Yes…we are one with the earth in life and in death. Guess what? Your comment got caught up in spam and I just found it. The nerve of WP! If you stay away too long, your get the spam treatment. 😉😄

      Great to see you again! Blessings galore, MW 🙏

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  1. Astounding Perfection which brought clarification to my question, “But why?”. God IS all for without God no-thing exists. It is man however, whose freewill chooses whether to know and hear God or not. This truly is a battle for the Soul that is raging about these days. Thank you, MW. Your precious words cleared up so much confusion. What I don’t understand is how anyone who is of God would ignore that part of him or her/self. To live in perpetual fear, hate, anger, violence is my definition of hell. Hmmmm ….. Perhaps the masses have to know what hell is first in order to know God? I just know and can say with confidence that I do know God, the Infinite, the Way, Mother. I’ve experienced today’s hell to which immediately I get as far away from it as possible.

    Beautifully written!! I can verify you were most divinely inspired when you wrote this!! xoxoxo

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    • I wrote another one, called God is every-thing and no-thing, I believe. Hell is on earth in my experience, but so is heaven or the potential to be heaven. We are the saviors, with the power to heal mother earth and each other. I believe our job is to be good care-takers of our planet and all the living beings of the earth.

      Divinity is in the eyes of the beholder and present in life’s simplest pleasures. As Maslow said, the sacred can be found in the most mundane interactions of every day life. ❤️

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      • I’ve been really thinking about what you wrote here, MW. I can tell you from my own experience I actually was born into a home of hell determined as I got out to create a life of heaven for myself. I of course had to undo all the horror that had been instilled in me but over a LONG time, I finally managed to create for myself my own world of heaven on earth. I will have NO-THING to do with the hell that is burning out of control. I’ve been rehearsing lately as well when I do have to go to places that force masks what I will say as I refuse to wear any face covering at all. I AM DONE! Yes I am my own Savior and no one but me will come to my rescue. I’ve learned that the hard way. Now I’m my own best advocate. It also feels wonderful to know there is a growing movement of those of us who will not submit to this evil by taking matters into their own hands like me. (smile) xo


  2. I’m pretty certain I have this saved from last time. I love….. 💕💕💕 if I hadn’t already reposted I would do so again.
    It was good to read it. We can find it within.
    I was telling my brother last week – not exactly the same but along the same – that he must be worth it because he is part of infinity and divinity. He is in essence infinity and divinity.
    Sending sunshine and sparkles…. I’ll take all the magic back…
    Love, light and glitter

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    • Aww…that was a beautiful thing to say to your brother! Thank you for the gift of your presence here and your lovely words. Sending good mojo and {{{vibes}}} your way! 💓💓💓

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    • It came to me a wee bit differently this time, but primarily the same. Just a few words called to me to be changed. If you feel called to share again, please do. 💖💖💖

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      • I can’t yet see the new name for some reason. I guess I’ll see it soon…
        I didn’t realise it was different – the poem. I really appreciated it. I just didn’t comment more for I feel like I’ve said it all and I know you agree with my understanding or understand the same way – in the energy essence etc….
        Love, light and magical glitter

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          • Ooooh, I like!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a really gorgeous name A. I think it really expresses what you mean.
            How old are you again if you’re comfortable answering. I feel like you’re around my age but maybe you’re 100 years older/younger.

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            • Yay! Thank you!!!! Just what I needed to hear! I went through many names and agonized over them — thanks to my dear old friend OCD!

              I’m probably older (maybe way older), but I have no clue how old you are. It’s the soul connection that counts. 🦋


              • From this blog I think so, from your other when you said you were in college I didn’t.
                Age never bothers me. I’ve friends in real life both older and younger. Online much more of an age difference. The people I’ve connected to online range from 15 to 70.

                The name really is perfect. Sacred soul songs actually reflects this specific post a lot, and also the essence of your blog. Of the connection and truth that is all there. Especially this blog where you’re aiming to let truth speak through you, which is the song of the soul.

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                • (((Hearts))) I just love how you tuned into and so beautifully captured the vibe and energy of the new blog name! It has been many moons since I was in college, although I recall a post referencing something I learned there, it was in past past tense. 🤣 My spiritual work comes from many years of lived experiences and immersion in all the spiritual arts.


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