A Cats-Eye View

Separated by invisible crowns,
Disinfectant my eau de parfum
Reading the news
With one finger on the trigger
Of my hand sanitizer
While my cat traverses galaxies
On the windowsill

The chatter of rain
I wear seclusion like a second skin
Cups of tea
Slate gray clouds
Aloneness wraps around me
Like a foe and a friend

Suddenly the great mystic meows
Bringing the orange flicker of candle flames
In a window across the lane
Into my line of vision

Somewhere between galaxies
I hear the murmur of wind chimes
And the clicking of prayer beads
As the soft chants
Of evening prayer
Seep in

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs, Love is all…MW 🙏

Cheers to dVerse (Looking out the Window) and host Peter Frankis. We are prompted to provide our readers with a view from our window.


  1. Powerful words, Mother Wintermoon. Hitting very close to home. “Somewhere between galaxies I hear the soft chants of evening prayer.” Reminding me how we are all a small part of something much bigger. Beautiful poem.

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  2. I often wonder what our cats are thinking when they sit for long periods of time at the window. Perhaps they ARE seeing distant galaxies and hearing distant chants! What an intriguing thought.

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  3. A beautiful picture you’ve painted with your words and a flood of memories you’ve prompted as I used to be very involved with dVerse under a different pen name many moons ago when poetry served as a healing salve for unseen wounds. Glad to see it’s still around 💛


  4. Smiling here. A tribute to your wonderful cat. I so liked the image of cat as astral traveller – while we worry down here about disinfectant and hand sanitiser. Glad today’s prompt generated such a fine creative response.

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  5. Such a beautiful poem, MW! How much our lives are enhanced and affected by the presence of our wise cats who teach us to be more observant and to understand that everything in life has it’s place and time!

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