The Paper Boat

I was a tree,
A page ripped out of a phone book
An old, discarded recipe
Now I’m a paper boat
Floating in bath tubs,
Lakes and ponds and streams

I was a sports page,
A comic strip,
A loveless letter,
A page torn from a glossy magazine
Now I’m a paper boat
Trying to dodge ducks and swans
As the ripples tousle me

I was a piece of graph paper,
A discarded encyclopedia
An abandoned note to self
Now I’m a paper boat
Surrounded by chattering water lilies
Riding a wave into the sunset
Living my paper boat life 
To the hilt

Water-logged and soggy
I’m washed up onto the shore
By paper boat memories
I’m happy
To become One  
With Mother Earth
Once more

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs

For dVerse and our host SarahSouthwest β€” our inspiration is β€œboats.”

I’m sailing in on the very tail end of this prompt.

29 thoughts on “The Paper Boat

  1. I love the different iterations of what the paper boat once was….a discarded note to self being my most favorite. I used to enjoy making paper boats and floating them in my bathtub when I was a little girl! Thanks for the memories πŸ™‚

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