“You can call God Moonshadow if you want to,”
Moonshadow is the name of her cat

Earlier she saw God in the sprinklers
Swishing back and forth
Watering the anarchy
That she called her garden

Every rock and wild tangle of heresy
Holds a meaning so colossal
It can never be fully grasped

“You can call God Moonshadow
She says again
“Namasté Moonshadow,” I say
To the cat perched atop the armoire
Eyeing us from afar
With an infinite air of grace
Something soft and feathery
Brushes against my cheek…
A kiss,
A whisper,
An impossible dream,
The flutter of a dragonfly wing,
The sweet release
Of bated breath

©️ 2020 Sacred SoulSongs / MW 🙏

For OLN at dVerse and our host, Grace.


  1. Just love the way you think and the way you see life. Cats …. mystical and divine. Gardens …. have a will of their own declaring again their own divinity. God ….. ALL is God, a concept I know but have struggled with lately on account of the huge amount of horror in this world. So I begin to think. Reason. God is light. God is love. So the dark that roars is a mere shadow outside of the realm of light and love of God. Yet there is still “potential” for that shadow to allow the Sun to bring light. You’ve got me thinking now, MW. So enjoyed this and yes I have missed you!! Much love to you! xo

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    • Thank you, Amy! I love your reflections and your thought processes and always feel blessed when you share them with me. I’ve struggled with the God concept for the same reasons…then had my epiphanies about what the Divine and Divinity meant to me. We all define and experience Divinity in our own ways. God has countless names and Divinity arrives in many forms. May your journey always be safe and your path illuminated. Abundant Love, MW XO

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  2. Love this! God and Her cat, and her garden of anarchy. Much better than an apple orchard. And now I’m humming the Cat Stevens song. That’s for the read and the tune. 🙂

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  3. Namaste’ I honor your place in the universe as we are all conjoining in the journey. Sometimes the impossible dream is only a whisper away.


  4. Sigh … this is beyond lovely! 💝 Especially like; “A kiss, a whisper, an impossible dream, the flutter of a dragonfly wing.”

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  5. Can’t help but thinking of one of my favorite songs of all time by Cat Stevens. Both your poem and his song have a sense of God-ness as what feels like an appropriate oxymoron to me — a “wild-uncontrollable-letting go vs. contented-peace acceptance”. A cat is a great “avatar” for the idea. Nicely done, thank you! Jane

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    • Cat Stevens had an influence on this poem. 😉 Many thanks for your reflections, Jane! I love and appreciate your observations and sense of God-ness. Wishing you a peaceful and enjoyable weekend. 🥰🙏🥰


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