Empty Spaces: In The Beginning

In the Beginning there was GOD, but not the biblical GOD of rules forged into steely displays of power, control and might. Before the human ego trip of anthropomorphism, GOD was the Sacred Veil of Darkness and the rhythmic dance of Constellatory Light. 

Before there were separations, there was a primordial matrix of Interbeing on the Cosmic Tree of Life. Before there was the anthropomorphic GOD, there was a sentient Nothingness as ancient as eternity, interstellar dust and crystalline meteorites.

Before there was biblical canon, there was a Presence, an Impulsion beyond all constructs of time and birthrights. It was not demanding of Worship, it was an undying Interconnection that had no vessel, no features, no end in sight.

Before there was religious dogma, there was GOD and earthlings made from mud, spirit and pure delight. They were the Yin-Yang Intoxication of the Universe merging into an interdependent circle of reap and sow, ebb and flow, dark and bright.

Within the empty spaces in your heart there is a Knowing that has lived for countless generations in the marrow of your bones. Within the void that weighs upon your spirit, there is a wordless melody that sings to the innermost recesses of your infinite soul.

©️2020 Sacred SoulSongs / MW 🙏 This post was a labyrinthian trek ‘round and ‘round the spiral until my Guiding Muse felt I had reached the center and got it right!

For OLN at dVerse and our host, Grace. I’m working with the Tao Talk prompt by Msjadeli to “write a poem in any form in the vatic [prophetic, oracular or GODLY] voice.” Msjadeli asked us to say a few words about the process and how it felt.

26 thoughts on “Empty Spaces: In The Beginning

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ Listening to your vatic voice, Mother Wintermoon. I echo what Suzanne said, experienced but very difficult to put into words. You tuned into a frequency that brought it forth.

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  2. A very intriguing title, MW. It opens this up to many possibilities. I love the phrase “corporeal world.” “Emptiness” and “dynamic” make me wonder. The concept of empty space continues to appear for me this year. I need to pay attention to the moments between the breath. Very moving and thought-provoking.❤️

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    1. Thank you for your insights and reflections, Erica! We need to pay attention to the moments between the breath — yesss!! I was not happy with the way I was conveying the message I received. I had to keep rewriting and reworking it. It happens like that sometimes. I guess it will have to do.


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