Note To Self

I want to bring peace to your anguished soul
I want to alleviate your suffering
I want to bring your hidden pain
Out of the shadows and into the light

You will experience a powerful range of raw emotions
As you identify the source of each wound
Burning deep inside your core

Do not despair
I will be there with you
Touching each one
With the balm of compassion
Wrapping you in safety
Imbuing you with strength

I ask nothing more of you than to open to me
So that I may begin the work
Of healing your spirit
And restoring your trust

I am here.
When you are ready
I will begin the work

I simply await your invitation…

Note to self Β© 2021 Mother Wintermoon


  1. Beautiful, MW. Physical limits keep me offline much of the time, but knew I could stop by for a whiff of inspiration, And thank you for your visit today. Peace out and in!

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    • I’m so jazzed to see you here my dear friend. I have such fond memories of our connection and rapport going back to our earliest days in blogville. Abundant blessings to you! πŸ’–πŸ§‘πŸ’œ


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