Water (Speaking in the Third Person)

Water flows on a daily basis.

She is a still life resuscitated without consent.

The river flows with a purpose,

Her mind is a kaleidoscope of harried thoughts.

She is alone in her travels,

The ground shifting beneath her feet, 

Wind roughing up the trees,

Stones heavy upon the earth.

She has no destination,

No people, no one to applaud her steps.

She looks to the sky as the sun settles into the horizon,

A breeze raising goosebumps on her skin…

The flow of the water has shifted,

Perhaps she will find or lose her footing,

On the footbridge to everywhere and nowhere,

On the walk without end.

She sleeps upon the icy imprints of death marches,

She doesn’t know if she’s marching towards life,

Or closer to the edge of death.

©️2021 – My great-grandparents and grandparents survived czarist and nazi pogroms.


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